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Our Vision:
Inclusive communication access in all endeavors for people living with hearing loss.
Our Mission:
To provide communication access and services for people living with hearing loss.
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Sign the petition stating that Hearing Loss be included in the CDC Disabilities Study.

Read the HLAA Article and

Download the Petition.

CAI is Making a Difference!
Did you know...
  • most people wait on average 10 years before addressing hearing loss issues
  • a 2013 study revealed that 43% of people with adult-onset hearing loss took early retirement due to frustration with poor communication in the workplace
  • decline in cognitive function occurs more rapidly and with more severity in people who do not address hearing loss
We're NOT ok with that!  We're working hard to help provide services and education which will help remove the stigma associated with hearing loss, allowing people to maintain their quality of life, in their workplaces, relationships, and everyday appointments and events.
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We're working to remove stigma associated with hearing loss.

We're working to break down barriers to inclusion.

Educate, Advocate, Serve, Support

At CAI we don't think hearing loss should mean exclusion.  Support CAI with your best gift today.

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What We Offer to the Almost 500,000 People in the Tampa Bay Area

Who are Living with Hearing Loss

CART* Services

Computer-aided transcription services, " also known as “real-time captioning” or Communication Access Realtime Translation (CART) services is an accommodation that can be delivered on location or remotely.


It is “the instant translation of the spoken word into English text using a stenotype machine, notebook computer and realtime software.”


The text produced by the CART service can be displayed on an individual’s computer monitor, projected onto a screen, combined with a video presentation to appear as captions.

Rehabilitation Counseling

Learning to live with hearing loss after illness or injury is an enormous challenge.



CAI can help individuals and their families as they work through these changes by providing:



  • Family Support Sessions

  • Speech-Reading Classes

  • Conversational Sign Classes

  • Group Support Sessions




Mental Health Counseling

With adequate funding, CAI is able to provide mental health counselors to children who are Deaf and hard of hearing. During counseling sessions, they learn the coping strategies and communication skills they will need throughout their lifetimes.


Children who are Deaf or hard of hearing and their families benefit from counseling as the children are supported during their developmental years.  During sessions, they are encouraged and learn to communicate their thoughts and emotions in ways that are healthy and effective.


Being HEARD is especially improtant during these formative years.

Advocacy & Education me.

CAI fosters collaboration amongst all agencies, associations and organizations that care for and support individuals in the Bay Area living with hearing loss.


Our effort is ongoing to make the latest information and services available to everyone.


Bringing together providers, caregivers, public personalities, policy makers, and technology developers, we host various events throughout the year:


Join us in giving voice to individuals living with hearing loss.

Hearing loss shouldn't mean exclusion.

CAI was founded on the premise that whether hearing loss is lifelong, adult-onset, or due to illness or injury, communication and inclusion are the RIGHT of every individual in every setting of their lives.


Through translation, counseling, education, and advocacy services, we are committed to providing every individual access to communication, not simply those who can afford these services privately.


Your support will make a difference in someone's life who is living with hearing loss.  Support CAI today!

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