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Our generous donors and sponsors, joining us in giving VOICE to those living with hearing loss.


Congratulations to Shirley Nauman for being our very first donor for our organization! It is truly appreciated!

Our Generous Donors

Shirley Nauman

Louise Graham Regeneration Center

Tammy Milcowitz (In-kind donation)

Barbara Emmons

Richard Herring

Jean Little

Beryl Teslicko

Hearing Loss Association of Sun City Center

Jackie Scott

Ed & Sheila McSweeney

Jodi & Richard Devine

Marylynne Jones


Lincks & Associates

Don & Joanne Hughes

Mike Cano

Scott Wetmore, HSW Associates, Inc.

Florida Realtime Reporting Services

Alternative Communication Services, LLC

Lois & Pat Maroney

Riesdorph Reporting Group

Barbara Van Camp

Joan Emerson Ball

Don & Joanne Hughes

Barbara Van Camp

Mary J. Kahkonen

Cathedral of St. Jude

Darcy Lusk

Dr. Charlotte Dixon

Eleanor & David Shafer

Gayl Hardeman

Dennis Lopez

Harris Communications

Shellie & Lamar Evers


Mary Kahkonen

Frank & Shirley Nauman

R. Jeffrey Stull

Brenda D. Gregory

Paul Morris

Theodore J. Couch

Gloria B. Teslicko

Molly C. Corum

Mary Kahkonen


The Yerrid Foundation

Gina Schmidt

Dr. Stefan Frisch

Marilyn Tanfield

Donald & Joanne Hughes

Bee & Tony Leon

Robert Schmid

John Doherty

Debbie & Joe Register

Ed & Sheila McSweeney Trust


Paul Morris

Julia LaCava, Inc.

Theresa M. Crowder – RCSI

Judy Woodering

Linda Horton

Catherine Gill

Jeri Smith

John Waldo

Deanna Gray

Frank & Shirley Nauman

Jane Laidlaw

Wing Communication, LLC

Indoor Wireless Solutions is Partnering with us this year to porvide loop systems for all of our events!  Thank you, Mr. Ostman, for your generosity and thoughtfulness.

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